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Author, Bee Lewis writes:
This novel packs a punch. In fact, it packs several – each twist is a sucker-punch to the solar plexus, with revelations raining down like blows. And yet, the story also contains great heart, lightness, and tenderness. It’s that rare thing to find from a debut novelist – it’s a real page-turner, and Fin C Gray has drawn his characters in all of their ugly, visceral selfishness, while leaving the reader wanting to know more, wanting to know why they’ve made the choices that lead to the shocking denouement.
The lead character, Tom McIntyre, has it all but is powerless to stop it from crashing down around him as the choices he has made in the past revisit his present. Even though Tom has few redeeming features, Fin C Gray manages to evoke sympathy for him from the reader – it’s a neat slight of hand, a deft touch to a thrilling and claustrophobic narrative.
Duplicity is a novel of ego and vanity. Of love and regret. It’s a cautionary tale about consequences and it left me thinking deeply about it long after I’d turned the last page.

Bee Lewis author of Liminal, published by Salt in Summer 2018 

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Bee Lewis

Author of Liminal, Published by Salt

Author, Helen Steadman writes:

Tom McIntyre appears to have everything, and yet, it is not enough, so he makes a diabolical deal and hopes to gain even more. Tom has a tragic childhood, but even that does not prevent him becoming a monster in the reader’s eye. His towering vanity, his ability to dissemble to his loved ones, and his desire for yet more and more, all add up to a series of terrible falls. Fin C Gray’s prescience has enabled him to create a modern-day monster in Tom McIntyre, whose choices will echo down the generations. Ultimately, his Faustian pact has consequences that reach far beyond his own family and into the public sphere. 

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Helen Steadman, author of bestselling historical novel Widdershins (published by Impress Books) and its forthcoming sequel, Sunwise.

Professional, critical proof-reader, Fiona Keene writes:

This is an excellent first novel by Fin C. Gray, well written with believable, relatable, characters. From the opening, exciting, ‘Prologue’ to the intriguing ending, I was utterly gripped. The basis of the story is unusual and fascinating: radicalisation, its causes and all its implications, with the intertwining of love and hate. The author teases you with the gradual unfolding of the characters through snapshots from past and present, and you are desperate to discover what has led to them behaving as they do. A great first book – I can’t wait to read the second!

Author and reviewer, Bryanna Monét writes:

Within reading the first few pages of the book, I knew that I was in for a good read. A good portion of the book reflects on the Father, Tom, and how his actions changed his family. His son Daniel is who becomes the most affected bye his actions and his drinking habits. Daniel’s resentment for his father is what drives the shift in him that causes him to change without return. The book was full of description that made you feel like you were right there with the character; often experiencing the same emotions as them. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what the author has next!

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Review by Shams58i

A Crime Thriller that actually fits the definition of a book that’ll keep you on your toes.
The debut novel “Duplicity” is fast paced, full of mystery and keeps you engaged till the very end.
Characterization by Fin is marvellous having the quality to make readers curious about the entire character list. The books major portion is about Tom but the other characters are also brilliantly placed to make story engaging.
The author lets you guess by unfolding the aspects one by one and really makes you care for the characters. The story is intriguing having major twists and nail biting moments.
The writing style of the author is compelling with alloting descriptions about the world created by author. Overall, the book is a treat for crime thriller readers and you won’t regret it.
I would give this book 5 stars and would definitely recommend it. Cannot wait for the next book by Fin. 

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Review by Malik Aldalis

 Jan 03, 2020 rated 5 Stars  

I found the book easy to read and very engaging. I liked the emotions that were conveyed through an ever building relationship with the main character. It was very topical, giving a surprising insight into the world of terrorism. I liked the play of the present and the past throughout the chapters. I would thoroughly recommend the book as it ticks many boxes for originality and drama.


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Review by Intelligent Reader on Amazon.co.uk

Intelligent Reader

18 December 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

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Review by Phil Atkinson on Goodreads

Format: Paperback

Dec 23, 2019rated it 5 stars 
Not being an avid reader ,I was most surprised at how readable and engrossing the book became. I particularly enjoyed the two stories running along side each other, one in the past and the other in the present. It gave an insight into how somebody could be groomed to commit an act of terrorism. Through the character Tom, we were able to feel his emotions, happiness and times of deep depression. The story was quite an emotional read and was brought to an excellent climax. I would highly recommend this book.



1 January 2020

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